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A Few Of My Favorite Things.....
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Shakira is a wonderful instructor and has been very supportive of me in more than just lessons. She made it possible for me to attend my first BellyJam festival. She not only drove me there which it is a drive of about 2 hours but she also found me roomates for the event too!
Not only that but she also drove with me to a womens retreat and belly dance seminar in NY state which was a five and a half hour drive one way! If it weren't for Shakira I would miss out on so much! She has been a true friend and is so gracious you wouldn't believe it! Shakira also does a lot of work for different charities and takes quite a bit of time out to work with children as well. For several years she was a part of the Artists In The Schools project. For several years now her dance troupe has performed at First Night which is Columbus Ohio's drug free and alchohol free option for New Year's Eve. Shakira also puts on "Studio Parties" in co-operation with NAZARETH which is a local Middle Eastern restaurant here in Columbus.
Studio Parties are very unique experiences where we all perform for each other and learn how to improve our stage presence. We also get to see guest dancers who come in to perform for us for free! These guest dancers are professional Middle Eastern Dancers who are very generous with their time and are lovely to watch and talk with! We make a lot of friends there. Niran Al Ubadi who has a dance school in Cincinnati Ohio often comes or some of her students come. So thanks to Shakira we really get exposed to a lot of wonderful things! And we also get to bring our families to these wonderful events and after everyone has done their "pieces" everyone gets up and dances together! Even the children! It is wonderful! Shakira has really made Middle Eastern Dance more than just a technical thing.. It's an entire family!
Shakira's Phone # is (614)294-1171
When you contact her let her know I sent you!

To contact Shakira about classes....

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If you want to check out a source for good material on the more anthropological aspects of research relating to folklore and paganism you should check out this site. If you are in Columbus Ohio I would also recommend that you stop by Shadow Realm which is the store that this site is affiliated with. Shadow has very good quality supplies and is extremely well versed in all that he has for sale. If you have any questions he will answer them as completely as possible.

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