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Dance Revealed Page 2


Dance Revealed
Dance Revealed
Pictures From Recent Events
The Story Of A Love Of Dance
Dance Revealed Page 2
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Here I hope to show the things which encapsulate all that the experience of Middle Eastern Dance is to me.
That may include such lovely things as rugs and screens...
I hope to fill this with many textures and flavors of experience.

Firedance By Ayla

I  felt that the movement in this picture generated a great deal of force, almost as though there were a sense of flying free.  It's hard to explain unless you have danced the dance... But this  really felt good to me.  I love the carefree feeling  whirling.I am whiriling

captured moment

What can I say? When  I dance it seems as if time is standing still... This picture  was taken for my very first  (and so far only)
flier for  a professional solo show!!  It is part of the  to half of the costume... I used the full picture though....

Essence Of Fire By Ayla


This is one of my favorite pictures.
I am wearing a sari and I love the way it feels...
Saris are so soft and light!.... Like butterfly wings...