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Pictures From Recent Events


Dance Revealed
Dance Revealed
Pictures From Recent Events
The Story Of A Love Of Dance
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What's Happening Now.....

What's Happening Now.....

Pictures From Recent Events

These pictures come from our most recent studio party that was held on February 9th at Nazareth Middle Eastern Restaurant at Columbus Square which is very cloe to the intersection of Cleveland Ave. and 161 in Columbus, Ohio.
They have terrific Baba Ganouj! This studio party was very important to me because my parents came to see me dance and I really went all out with the show that I put on. Normally I don't do very much veil work at all. For this show about three quarters of it was veil work. I am very proud of how well things went. I hope you like the pictures from the party!


This picture is from the most recent studio party that we had on Saturday, February 9th at Nazareth Restaurant in Columbus Square.....
My parents came to see me dance for the first time ever!
The reason for all the special effects is that I don't want to put pictures of other people on the web without their permission so I have to block them out entirely....
Sorry if it's a tad bit flashy....


The music that I was dancing to was Asian and it was very medtiative... The name of the song was Lotus Groups and I got to the point where I was feeling as though I was meditating while I danced. That happens with me a lot. I call it "trance dancing" and it is very common in many cultures as a way of reaching spiritual states and communicating with the divine.


I really love the feeling of whirling.
I feel so free and when I stop
I feel as if I suddenly have to come
back down to earth.
On Saturday I did whirling both with
and without my veil.


The dress that I was wearing was wonderful in that it would bell out beautifully while I whirled. The only thing is that it made making hip movements plain to the audience more difficult, so I used my veil to help me out with that by putting it about my hips and drawing the dress in more to emphasize my hip movements. It worked really nicely.