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Share A Dance With Me


Dance Revealed
Dance Revealed
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The Story Of A Love Of Dance
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Share A Dance With Me
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The name I use to dance by is Sabra Hadaas which I took from the Sabra plant which grows in Israel. It grows in the desert and can survive the roughest of conditions and it's fruit is prickely on the outside yet the fruit is sweet inside. I see myself in many ways as capable of surviving great difficulties and I try to still stay kind inside. The Hadaas I took from Hadassa which was Queen Ester's Hebrew name. She was a hero of the Jewish nation who through courage and honesty as well as gentleness of spirit and wisdome saved the king of Persia and the Jews of Persia from great tragedy. These are all traits that I admire and wish to embody.

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To fulfill myself spiritually as well as physically.
To entertain my friends and family and to educate others.

Experience: I want to experience everything!
If you want to share those experiences I'm glad to have
you along ! So let's let ourselves dance and whirl and
flow... Let the music entrance.....It is truly and experience!

Job Title? This is no job! This is everything I've ever dreamed of! Every rehearsal is a joy! Even the frustrating ones! Why? Because I'm dancing!

Do we have to go through all that again?

shakira jokes that what
you call a dancer without a significant other is, 'homeless.' :-) she says
it's also useful to either sew or find a friend who does--dancers are often
'starving artists' who have to make things themselves.