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The Lore Keepers Notes

The notes of a wandering lore keeper are at times obscure... But they should always lead you to exlpore new knowledge.... So as I grow in understanding on this page I hope you shall too.....

Hall Of Memories

I believe that I have mentioned before that I believe that folklore is not a static medium that has happened in the distant past and that we can only study.  Folklore is always happening.
We are living, breathing and creating folklore all the time.  Especially when it comes to events that have a great deal of emotional or psychological impact on a large culture or sub-culture.  In the wake of the September 11th tradgedy that occured I believe we need to confront the feelings that have been generated.  This opinion is not just mine but also expressed by a young lady whom I recently became aquainted with.  She has had a hard time resolving her feelings about it and she actually suggested attempting to put this into a folkloric form as a way of  communicating with others.  I found a great deal of empathy in that.  There is an entire school of Psychology which utilizes FOLKLORE AS THERAPY and in fact I recently read a book on that very subject and by that name by Verena Kast.  It was very enlightening.  With that in mind I would like to introduce you to the story that I have written based on those events.

I mentioned this concept on the folklore community on live journal and  I am considering posting a 'best of' kind of thing here once all the submissions are in. In the meantime I would like to show you what has been brewing in the cauldron of my mind. I know it may seem really odd but it is me. I hope that you will find something in it that you like.

The year 3002,

Sitting around in the lodge I see the children looking up at me expectantly, waiting to hear the history of our people passed on to them so that they will have something, anything, to call their own; even if for just a little while.Outside the wind howls mighty strong and the sound of the rain striking the sides of our lodge makes us grateful that we have each other to pass through the stormy season with...

We have legends that tell of a timebefore, when the seasons were gentler, and the sky was in constant struggle with itself. A time when it was not 'feast or famine' but where people had food to put by for YEARS to come! And then it happened, that cataclysmic event that sent the world into a new dark age, the crumbling of the two towers. It was that fateful day a thousand years back, when out of the sky there came without warning a great rending of the air as the artificial bird came out of nowhere to swoop at the towers, rending them apart. Not just one but more than one, people were crushed by the merciless weight of the stone and metal buildings crushing them, fire shot through the land, destroying all in it's path. from then on it became a time of strife in the world, those towers had held the balance of the world's power in their grip. When they crumbled, disorder and chaos ruled, man turned on man, and country on country, there was no lawthat could speak to the conscience of a world in mourning. As the world mourned the tears within it's very core poured out and over the earth, a new world was in the making. And then, someone, nobody knows for sure, set off the NUCLEAR BOMB, it's detonation was heard around the world. There was a moment of silence, as though none dared to speak the of the abhorrent thing that had been done. A new age for the world had been set into motion. Winter came, a false winter, where the world had been warming up before, now everything was white.... Water, it was frightening to think of drinking it... Well over time those who could survived and the rest, well those that were lucky were buried in mass graves. Those that weren't are left in their homes and in their streets a mute memorial to the folly that was mankind of yesteryears gone by. And this is what happens when the towers that hold the center of the world up are destroyed by the cruelty and ignorance of man. But we, we who survived, we are building a new way, an old way, a way that will balance the world without the need for towers. We are building a way that balances us from within. There are things that you must know to survive the storms and the wastelands, you should never fear the night if you have your kindred close to you, if even one of your loved ones, one of your kind, be they human or other is at hand there is no need to fear the night. Fear is what kills you. Being alone, that can kill you too, in this world you must always have an extra set of hands or ears to be of aid. Know also, that when you take, you take with the intent of sharing, to take and keep all for yourself will get you killed. It is the same as being alone. The wastelands have been picked clean.... There is where the worst damage from THE BOMB has always been. To go there is an act that says you are condemning yourself to death. This is our life we cherish what we have and we will build a new tomorrow. We will never build so high that we will crush those beneath us. We will always build in harmony with our surroundings. The only towers that we will concern ourselves with now will be those within our souls and our minds. Those that allow us to approach SPIRIT in a new way. The Two Towers were our lesson, that we should never allow our world to revolve around 'things' we need to make our world new each day and to include others in it at all times. This is the lesson of the two towers. So it was told to me
and so it is my duty to pass it on to you the next generation. The chain continues. Learn your lesson well.

At This Time I would like not only to provide you with stories that will show you customs from different countries but also to show you where I find the majority of the books that I use. I am on SSI because I have a seizure disorder and that means that I need to be pretty frugal in my spending habits. Frugality, however, does not mean you have to settle for mediocre materials. I shop at my local Half Price Bookstore. I am providing you a link to their site so that you can check them out for yourself. I also have provided a complete list of their locations across the U.S.A. on the folklore community if you wish to check it out.