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Once Upon A Time.....

The Lore Keepers Notes

I am 32 years old and have always been somewhat "exotic" looking according to most people... Many people have trouble telling what nationality I am and I like to keep them guessing.... After all who's heard of Lithuainia anyway right? I am actually a second generation American Lithuainian Jew.... I am a practicing pagan... I practice a form of paganism known as Asatru.. Which follows the Old Norse pantheon of Gods... The goddess I primarily serve is Freyja who is of the Vanir... There are two different pantheons of Gods but we won't go there right now.... I study Middle Eastern Dancing and I also read Tarot cards and study the Elder Futhark of Runes... I am divorced and I see my two wonderful sons every other weekend... So that says pretty much everything I think....

I essentially grew up in the suburbs... I'm the youngest of three kids and I have an older sister and an older brother... I have a niece and nephew by my brother and his wife... I spent a good portion of my childhood reading if you can believe that!!! In the summer that I was 8 years old I read 100 books!!! And they weren't the picture variety either!! Anyway, my parents were pretty great in a lot of ways and didn't stop me from choosing subjects that I found really interesting... By the time I was in 3rd grade I was reading the younger versions of greek mythology... And so my romance with folklore began...


mirror mirror on the wall


Here's a list of some of my favorite authors...

Robert Heinlein..

Issac Asimov..

Hans Christian Anderson(yes I'm serious)

Un-named storytellers who have given us
the wonderful gifts of folktales that we have

Here's a list of some of my favorite kinds of music:

African, Arabic, Indian, Shamanic,Celtic,Medievil,
barroque, industrial,Jazz,Funk,classical.... I am a lover of almost all music... Especially anything that evokes a "mood"