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Hall Of Memories

This place has been intended as a place for archetypes to be seen in all of their aspects ....  A place to stimulate discussion and to aid in growth of the mind and spirit.  At least for me if for no other individual.  In the process of this happening it seems that I have made it a place to honor the Gods of the Norse peoples...  This is not all that it was made for.  But for now it is what I need it for.  Everyone, needs somewhere in their life, that they can claim as sacred space.  For now, this is mine.

I am grateful to blacktigr of the folklore community on live journal for creating this picture of FREYJA for me...
Freyja is a Goddess of the Norse pantheon.
There were originally two pantheons.
The Vanir and the AEsir.
The reason for this is that there were distinct tribes
among the Teutonic peoples of Northern Europe and when
they came together they joined their Gods as well...
Freyja is of the Vanir.
The Vanir are generally considered to be the more
fertility oriented of the two pantheons.
Before the joining between the AEsir and the Vanir
Freyja was primarily known as a goddess of Love and Lust and magick... After the joining of the pantheons she also became a goddess of battle.... Her realm in Asgard
is called Folkvang and half of those slain in battle
go to Freyja's halls. The other half go to Odin's.
Freyja has a chariot that is drawn by two wildcats.
She is also known for her necklace called THE BRISINGAMEN
which was said to be made of gold and amber by the dwarves
themselves... And there is a story of how she obtained it.
She also is known for having a skin of the falcon that she dons and which transforms her into a falcon so that she
may travel far distances in no time at all...
Amber is most closely associated with her. It is said to be
her tears which fell into the sea....
The names of her cats that pull her chariot are Bygult
and Tygult which translates out to beegold and treegold.
Or honey and amber.  The names that have been given for 
her cats are not folkloric but come from DIANA PAXON'S BOOK
BRISINGAMEN.   The trance that brings on foretelling of what is to come is called seithr trance and it is attributed to Freyja also.... That is one of the forms of ecstasy that she brings.... Seithr can put a person deep into themselves and take them on a journey that is purely spiritual, in some ways it is similar to astral projection in others it is very different... Some people become quite still and others writhe and their behavior may resemble someone having a seizure. It is not something to be undertaken lightly. The rune pertho is associated with her. As is the rune berkano. Also, birchwood has been associated with her. The name Freyja means Lady. Also, the Sow is associated with her as well. Freyja also has a twin brother named Frey. He is known as the Lord of the Light Elf Home..... There is much about him that has to do with fertility as well...

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Freyja Spear On Fire

My eldest son who is 12 traced this from a D&D Monsters Manual.

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The Gallery Of Wonders